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When you work with Heathman Law Office you're working with an office that has a wide range of experience and expertise. No matter if your case is federal or state, we've got you covered. Defendants can expect substantially reduced criminal responsibility often directly as the result of a zealous defense, both in law and fact.


The charges against you are serious and they could have serious consequences. Work with an attorney who will go to battle for you.

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You'd never agree to work with an attorney until you knew they understood your case and that they'd provide the best possible defense for you. Give us a call and take advantage of your free consultation that will give you confidence in our abilities.

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- Murder and manslaughter

- Battery and aggravated battery

- Assault and aggravated assault

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Don't make the mistake that so many others have made - don't assume that you can do some quick research and handle your legal troubles yourself. The law is nuanced and ever-changing. Heathman Law Offices is always on top of the latest news.

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