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No matter what type of sex offense you've been charged with, from indecent liberties, to possession of child pornography, from lewd and lascivious conduct to sexual assault, you can count on Heathman Law Office to give you affective representation, and sound legal advice and guidance throughout your case. Defendants can expect substantially reduced criminal responsibility often directly as the result of a zealous defense, both in law and fact.


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- Rape

- Indecent liberties and aggravated indecent liberties

- Procession of child pornography

- Lewd and lascivious conduct

- Sexual assault


Every sexual offense charge is a serious charge

It's common for clients to be charged with several offenses at once. Whether you've been charged with a violent crime, a drug offense, or a simple moving violation, Heathman Law Office is here to help. Call today for your FREE consultation.

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