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“Crime doesn’t pay, hiring the right lawyer does.”

The right time to call an attorney is the moment you are arrested or accused of a drug offense.  Too frequently the accused will speak to law enforcement without council which usually leads to disastrous results. Defendants can expect substantially reduced criminal responsibility often directly as the result of a zealous defense, both in law and fact.


Even a minor drug conviction can have a lasting impact on your education and career. Call Heathman Law Office today for your FREE consultation.

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You need an attorney who's compassionate and attentive when you discuss your case with them, yet aggressive and dominating when defending you. That's exactly what you'll get when you work with Heathman Law Office.

The perfect balance of compassion and aggression

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If your case is complicated, there's no need to worry. You've found your best choice for competent representation for a number of cases, including juvenile cases and DUIs. Call today to get the representation you need.