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“Crime doesn’t pay, hiring the right lawyer does.”

No one gets married with the hopes that they'll divorce, yet it happens very frequently. If you've found yourself searching for a divorce lawyer or to learn more about legal separation, then you've found yourself in the right place.


During your FREE consultation you'll learn more about your rights and how you can protect your interests during a divorce.

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No matter which side of the coin you're on, whether your child has been taken from you, or you're a parent who worries about the welfare of your child when they're with their other parent, Heathman Law Office will work tirelessly to protect your rights..

Child custody and visitation rights

- Child custody and child support

- Divorce and legal separation

- Grandparent’s rights

- Paternity tests and visitation rights

Vast experience in all types of family law

While we'd all like to never be involved with the law, the truth is that you never know when your luck could take a turn for the worse. When you work with Heathman Law Office you're working with an attorney who can help with criminal defense, general litigation, and much more.

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